This space is dedicated to work being done now. It gives collectors and students a chance to see process and materials as new projects are created. Working is messy and the images here will also reflect that. Photographs are studio shots.

After projects are completed the work will be added to other sections of the website and new work in progress will be added here. Please keep coming back to see the work in real time.


Crab. Working on a series on this the of largest crustaceans. Partnering with other artists and a scientist at Dartmouth to do work and raise funds to keep this fascinating animal from extinction. More on this later.

Fish Bone. Collected from a dead fish lying on the banks of the Potomac. The bones were boiled and revealed this example of perfect form. Painted in acrylics on wood.

Working on Bones wood/cut painting and Polar Bear standing in field of bones. The pieces can be displayed together or as single works.

Bones. Detail of large canvas with seal and whale bones. Wood cuts and acrylic paint on canvas. 

Engraving and tools

06 – 08
Working on Black Ice panels

Block for one section of Arctic bones piece