Sadness, grief, defeat, recognizable in the faces of people who have faced a recent death. That look in the eyes, a mixture of dullness, shock and pain, as they scramble to understand the unfathomable. This series of self portraits move the artist beyond her own grief after a tragedy to a recognition of the timeless nature and universality of loss. Her own face is used as a vehicle to expose herself but also to make known what she has seen so many times in the faces of both friends and strangers. 

Using a mixed media approach combining painting, and printmaking she purposefully mimics the dot patterns found in photographs but under careful investigation, these are not symmetrical. Japanese paper and acrylic ink create layers of color. The final result mimics the hated “selfie” but begs the question, can this popular method of self exposure also be used to create artwork which shows something more. 


"Rosemary Feit Covey's hauntingly beautiful portraits , still lifes, and landscapes rival the poet's pen."
– James Archer Abbott , Director and Curator , Evergreen Museum and Library , Johns Hopkins University


Portrait 1
mixed media
44 x 44 inches

Portrait 2
Mixed media
29 x 33 inches

03 – 06
Portraits 3-6
Mixed media
33 x 26