Based on the relationship between an actual couple, Strip explores obsession on several levels, analyzing the connection between pleasure and pain.  Derived from drawings executed by the artist in collaboration with the couple, these engraved prints tell the story of their complex relationship.  

Using light boxes designed for the project, hand printed on Japanese paper and phone book pages, encased in encaustic medium, each strip suggests a voyeuristic photographer's film hanging to dry. When displayed in groups horizontally, the effect is akin to dark comic books and graphic novels.


“Something exciting … happens when she deals with the nude, seemingly her own self-portrait, where a strong, sensuous element occurs when the engraving needle models the figure as though it were caressing the flesh in a manner not unlike Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), who used thick pigment to almost sculpt the form he was painting. The same electric vitality exists in … Covey's works.”     
– Henry T. Hopkins, Director, UCLA at the Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Cultural Center,
Los Angeles, 2002


01 – 05
Strip Light Box (details)
Wood engraving with encaustic medium
84 x 32 inches