The 0 Project had its premiere as a large-scale outdoor sculptural piece at the Arlington Arts Center, located just minutes from downtown Washington DC. Printed on Dupont Tyvek banner media, it was installed- over 300 feet long- wrapping the exterior perimeter of this historic building. The opening of the project included a hundred masks in a performance piece created by Bosma Dance Company in collaboration with the artist.

An exhibition was held concurrently in Toronto at Brayham Contemporary Art. The 0 Project was also part of the “Abductor” at the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert. This large installation was designed in Los Angeles and featured an industrial club scene vibe.

In a completely different context, the artwork has been an integral part of multiple social justice events, wrapping a building in Reno Nevada and displayed as large scale banners on the mall in Washington, DC. A flash animation projection of the 0 artwork has appeared world wide, including at the opening of Art Whino in Washington DC., at rock concerts throughout Europe, and nightclubs in India. 

The 0 Project continues to expand and spread via both high and low tech means, its purposely ambiguous message being interpreted and re-shaped by individuals world wide.

Press has appeared in feature articles in Art in America, The Washington Post, Chemical and Engineering News, The Big Picture magazine as well as many other publications and news programs.


 “A really intriguing idea can … get creative thoughts flowing.  Such was the case with Rosemary Covey's 0 Project … As the project grew, it became not only a statement about the nature of printmaking, but about free speech and the need to make this fundamental human right likewise accessible to all.  The (Project O) wrapping became the cornerstone of a much larger, multi-media, international project that aimed to give voice to the underrepresented and the traditionally ignored.”
– Claire Huschle, Executive Director,
Arlington Arts Center, 2007


The 0 Project (gallery wrap)
Brayham Fine Arts. Toronto
Drawing, Printmaking on Tyvek with 100 masks
15 x 200 feet

The 0 Project (building wrap)
Arlington Art Center. Arlington, VA
Drawing, Printmaking on Tyvek
15 x 300 feet

0 Project (banners and masks)
Rally for Social Justice, Washington Monument, Washington DC
10ft x 9ft (4)

Rosemary Feit Covey (building wrap)
0 Project
Reno Nevada Conference on Social Justice
15 x 300 feet

Jane Franklin Collaboration: Migration Dance, Theater on the Run, Arlington VA

Jane Franklin Collaboration: Migration Dance, Theater on the Run, Arlington VA

Street Light Circus, Washington DC

Industrial Elevator installation. The Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, VA

Acturus Theater Company, Two Plays by Samuel Beckett, Shakespeare Theatre, Washington, DC